for service

Reduce service delivery costs by 50%+ within months.

Delight Customers

Keep your customer’s assets running with proactive service.

Resolve asset issues before they fail with maintenance schedules and preventative maintenance. And if an asset does fail, service teams get notified in real-time to get the asset back up and running and keep customers happy with automated response.

Maximize Profitability

Dispatch technicians to customer sites only when necessary.

With remote asset control and visual twin diagnostics, you can eliminate costly truck rolls and complete more service calls with fewer technicians. By streamlining your service ops, you’ll see bottom line improvements in just weeks.

Generate Revenue

Charge your customers based on asset usage.

Generate new revenue by charging your customers for asset usage with Asset-as-a-Service models. Plus, use asset data to personalize service plans, gain insight into key accounts and make data-driven decisions.

Single platform experience

With all your asset data available directly in Salesforce, you can say goodbye to manual spreadsheets and fragmented systems.

Enabling the shift to proactive service

Transition away from costly break-fix, reactive service models by harnessing data from your connected devices for automated service delivery.

Instant visibility into the status of your connected devices

Gain real-time insights into the status of your connected devices, even for devices located in remote locations.

Powerful data visualizations to make informed decisions

Access complete historical asset data and employ tools like Tableau or Microsoft Power BI for further data manipulation.

Personalized service delivery to delight your customers

With a comprehensive understanding of their current asset's state, tailor service delivery to exceed their expectations.

Improve asset reliability with  AI-driven predictions

Proactively predict potential issues by leveraging complementary AI tools, such as Salesforce Einstein and Data Cloud.

Access asset data from anywhere and on any device.

Quickly shift from the office to a customer site with instant access to asset data and associated work orders, knowledge articles and customer details available from your laptop, tablet, and phone.

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