Discover how Bolt Data Connect makes asset data easy to manage and access from anywhere.

A look at how it works

Potential asset issue is detected in real-time

Any anomalies or issues are detected in real-time based on customizable thresholds or problem codes.

Service team is automatically notified

Notifications are instantly sent to service team members to investigate the alert.

Remote troubleshooting and diagnostics are performed  

Technicians remotely troubleshoot the asset and send commands, such as a reset, to resolve the alert.

Issue resolved or technician is dispatched onsite

If onsite service is needed, a work order is generated and a technician is recommended with parts on-hand.

Features designed to achieve proactive service


Achieve connectivity for devices through built-in or add-on hardware and an edge gateway to enable secure data transmission and storage.


Review, report and identify device performance trends through powerful analytic dashboards, data snapshots and real-time data streams.  


Leverage real-time asset data to deploy cost-cutting preventative maintenance plans and drive revenue with servitization plans.

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Integrates with your existing tech stack

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Award-winning solution

Bolt Data Connect is a two-time winner of the Salesforce AppExchange Demo Jam for Solution Engineers

Did you know?
Service delivery cost savings

By eliminating costly truck rolls and resolving service calls remotely, service organizations are able to significantly reduce their service delivery costs within months.

Service calls resolved remotely

With remote diagnostic tools such as Bolt Data Connect's Digital Twin, Visual Twin, and data snapshots, service agents can diagnose and often resolve issues remotely, eliminating the need to dispatch a technician.

Reduction in truck rolls

Bolt Data Connect eliminates unnecessary and expensive truck rolls.  Service technicians are only dispatched when absolutely necessary.

Hear from our customers

Kim Kiernan
VP of IT & Business Intelligence Strategy - QUENCH USA, INC.
Bolt Data Connect was a great solution to our product replenishment challenge. We selected Bolt Data Connect because we needed a smart solution and a trusted partner to help us utilize our data. Bolt Data Connect simply plugged into our Salesforce environment. From there, the team was able to develop asset monitoring and business automation rules that have improved our productivity and ensure we proactively replenish products on time, providing a better customer experience.
John Bray
We're a security company providing global solutions for corporate and government customers. Partnering with Bolt Data Connect has been great. The team knows their stuff and cares about our success. Our use cases are extremely complex and Bolt Data Connect can handle everything we're throwing at it. The solution goes way beyond just monitoring assets and creating alerts. It operationalizes our machine data in Salesforce based on how we deliver service. We're planning to grow with Bolt Data Connect as we deploy more and more connected assets.
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